My favorites bar is filled up, so I'm dumping all my favorite bioinformatics-relevant tutorials below.

General Bioinformatics Tutorials

  • Biomedical Data Science (eBook) by Rafael Irizarry and Michael Love. This tutorial covers statistical modeling and inference, a little machine learning and has some great R based vignettes for RNAseq, ChIPseq and DNA CpG methylation analysis.


Single Cell Analysis


High Throughput Sequencing Stuff

  • Dave's Wiki on SAMTools is a blog post that covers SAM and BAM conversions and other useful stuff about SAMTools.
  • fastq-dump tips from Rob Edward's lab. Best practices for obtaining fastq files from SRA tools


R for Bioinformatics

  • Advanced R (eBook) by Hadley Wickham covers the basics (despite the title) of R syntax and data structures. Very useful R primer.
  • DiffBind Tutorial DiffBind is a great tool for doing comparative ChIP-seq analysis in R (bioconductor)
  • Stats 366 is a Stanford course that biological sequences and a an intro to networks in R
  • Linear Models in R is a companion website to a Princeton University course on linear models by Germán Rodríguez. The site has a gentle intro to R and linear modeling in R


R in General

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